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2012 Chicks in Roseburg,Oregon Carol Hansen:Raising Nankin Bantam

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by ChicksRoseburg, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Well it is a done deal, Rod has put his vote in (LOL the only one that counts!) on our chicken bobby farm, he wants to raise Nankin Bantam Chicken only. This is fine with me, the are the sweetest birds, love to be around people. they are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy at http://albc-usa.org/ on their Critical list. Nankin Bantam Chicken "Nankin is an ancient breed of fowl that is thought to be one of the oldest known bantam chickens. The bird’s initial point of origin is obscured in history going back beyond all known records. There is evidence that the bird arrived in England prior to the 1500’s and there is even speculation that it may have been present well before then. " We have two hens we hatched from eggs from Darlene Thompson via Ebay hatching eggs located in Alabama, they are 5 week old.. We have one rooster being shipped my Sue Kirkland from Modesto, calif. this week, and we have 10 eggs in the incy. due to hatch April 5, 2012 from Lynn Sterner in Paso Robles, Ca.
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  2. My Rooster a Nankin Bantam, I named Gramps (after my childhood rooster) has fallen in love with our RLBW Bantam, her name is Tinkerbelle, good company for her. Our two Easter Eggers and our 6 week old Nankin pullet chicks, Tinkerbelle and Gramps where all hanging out in the garage together, getting along well. We where watching Gramps eating some seeds, when our Nankin pullet chicks came up to him, he froze with his head still down, one of the Nankins come up to him, looking right into his eye, and then took a big peck of his waddle, and then another peck, he never moved, so our Nankins pullets mover off and he went on eating seeds. What amazing rooster. He know they where just young chicks and let them play with his waddle. I am so proud of him, a wonderful bird breed and raised by Sue Kirkland, Cal. We are on Due April !, no I did not plan for hatching April Fools Day, for my 10 Nankin Bantams from Lyn in Paso Robles, Calif. Candled eggs with my daughter yesterday, all looked good, my flock is growing.
  3. The Old Yolks

    The Old Yolks Chirping

    Oct 13, 2011
    Good afternoon from sunny Nebraska. I was doing a random search for info about the Nankin bantams and your post popped up. It's so amazing to find people here from our home state. In fact my Hubby grew up on Porter St. in Roseburg and our paths crossed in Coquille where I was working for Roseburg Forest Products (his Dad was my foreman and set up the date :p) That of course was several years back and now we are settled, for the time being, in Nebraska where his job brought us. Last year for my birthday he built me an awesome coop from reclaimed pallets and now its time to finish filling it up. We have a few chickens already that were a gift from a very special neighbor that I adore but I really want to get deep into heritage breeds recovery. After reading several posts here I decided that I would chose two breeds to focus on, 1 standard and 1 bantam. I fell in love with the Javas and after more research I decided on the Auburn color. I purchased some hatching eggs from a breeder here at BYC and they are cookin away in the incubator as I type. For my bantam breed I picked the Nankin. I love the sebright girls we have and after reading that they could have been created from the Nankins I was all over that. I have a bid on some hatching eggs and am keeping my fingers crossed. You mentioned breeders you have purchased from and I would love to get their contact information from you providing they are ok with this. I want to try my best to follow breed standards and get the best birds I can to do so. I have a feeling 1 brooder just might not be enough when all is said and done! I wish you the best of luck with your hatch and look forward to reading more posts from you. Have a Blessed Day.
  4. April Fools day was not fun this year, I had 10 Nankin Bantams due to pip out today, I do love my Nankin Bantams and it hurt to lose 6 of the babies. I will take the blame because they where in my care. Four what ever reasons I now have 4 chicks less then a day old. I pray no more will pass away. I have not sexed then yet, tomorrow will be soon enough. We have two Nankin Bantams pullets we hatched in middle of March, we names then after Nankin Rooster named rooster Tooster we love so much that disappeared the day we where moving to Roseburg, Tootsey and Taffey are their names. We have a sweet 6 month old Rooster Nankin Bantam named Gramps after my childhood Rooster I had on the Farm near Junction City, Oregon. The only reason I can think of for why I named him my childhood Rooster Gramps is because I loved my Grandparents so much, they lived on the grain farm all Summer, before going down south for the winter. Their Son worked the farm, their Daughter, and us four children lived in the big farm house my Grandparents built in the 1940. My room up stair was the same room my Mother had as a child. I had Gramps a Brown Leghorn Roosters; Princess was a Rhode Island Red Bantam mix, my Uncle Frank gave me. I loved playing with them on the farm, we grow wheat and barley so always plenty to eat. One summer Princess got sitting fever, and would not leave her nest, I being so young did not do as Grandpa Taylor told me, and she died. Gramps had three young daughters, and one day he took them and headed off across the wheat fields and I never saw them again. I always imagined that they found another farm to live on, and had a long and happy life, I still miss them. [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Well, my chicks have buffed out eyes and no down on the side with the over sized eye. I look up on Internet, did not learn much so call DC Coop in Roseburg, Oregon, talked to the medicine man. He thought they may have pneumonia so i picked up tetracycline hydrochloride powder 6.4 Oz enough to treat 100 gallon at 100mg of tetracycline hydrochloride. Has to be refreshed every day do broke it down to 1 Pinch per cut water, and yes I have a measuring spoon set that has pinch, dash, smidgen on it. LIL I love funny stuff. I am not very happy I have gone from 10 Nankin Bantam Chicks to just three, and tow of three are sick. I mixed up medicine and gave it to them with a dropper the Sally's Beauty Supply carries for manicuring artificial nails, yes I was a manicurist back in the days of my youth. So please pray for my tiny Nankin Bantam day old chicks.
  6. My Chicks hatchet April Fools Day, and got sick, might have got a draft, or something. I lost 7 after hatching so sad, I have three left. They had swelling on the side of face, pushing their eye out, also losing their peach fuss in places on their body. I ran down and got them Duramycin-10 Tetracycline Hydrochloride Soluble Powder. One cup good for 24 hours, I give to them in a dropper ever few hours; make on cup mix one pinch per cup. Pinch is equal to 1/8 of a teaspoon. One cup good for 24 hours, I give to them in a dropper (from Sally’s Beauty Supply, or $.50) ever few hours; make on cup mix one pinch per cup. Pinch is equal to 1/8 of a teaspoon. I also added Rooster Booster by Rooster Booster Products. It is a powder you mix with water, ¼ to 1/3 teaspoon to gallon of water, no short term life on this after mixing. My three tiny chicks where up today and looking much better, walking and looking for food. [​IMG]

  7. Is it really May already? Time is Flying, I went to the Oregon Chicken Swap this weekend in Canby, got to meet a lot of the vender's, had a great time. I picked up some Nankin Bantam eggs from Rocky, and at the end of the day took his flock of Nankin Bantams home to Roseburg to pass on to the local FFA Administrate for the Children. Joy brought me a breading pair of Nankins and 24 eggs that I but in incy today. Joy sold me a breeding pair, and 24 eggs, Thank you Joy and Rocky. The sun is just breaking through the clouds maybe it will be a good day for Gardening after all. Here are some Pictures...[​IMG] Oregon Chicken Swap this weekend in Canby, Oregon[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  8. Looking for the perfect pet chicken here they are, they will follow you arould the yard, and eat from your hand, jump on to your lap. Great for FFA, 4H and very flashy show birds. Fertile eggs $18.00 dozen, plus shipping, we hatch your dozen eggs and ship live hatch from your eggs $25.00 plus shipping. Nankin Facts: Size: Male: 24 oz. Female: 22 oz.
    Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: There are two varieties based on comb.
    Single Comb: The comb is bright red and medium to moderately large. It has five distinct points that all stand upright.
    Rose Comb: The rose comb is bright red and medium size in males and small in females. It sits square in the front of the head and ends in a well developed spike.
    Color: The beak is horn with a dark shading on the upper mandible. The eyes are reddish bay and the shanks and toes are bluish slate, possibly with a pink stripe on the outside of the shank. The plumage is primarily shades of orangey redto chestnut to golden buff and is darker, deeper, and more lustrous in males than females. The tail is black.
    Place of Origin: Southeast Asia Conservation Status: Critical
    Special Qualities: The bird is extremely rare, pretty, and very personable. It is a true bantam breed with no standard.
    The Nankin is a true bantam and is considered to be one of the most ancient of all bantam breeds. They were first imported to the United States and Britain in the 1700's.
    During this time in Britain they were extremely popular and wereused in the development of the Sebright breed. They are now very rare in both the U.S. and Britain.
    These birds are very active and talkative. They are friendly and usually pretty slow to mature. They are fliers, but can tolerate confinement.
    When given access to free range they normally stay close to the coop and do not tend to wander. They do not do well in cold and if kept in areas that have cold winters will require a tightly built and insulated coop.
    The hens lay small white eggs, go broody, and are excellent protective mothers.
    They are such broody birds that they historically have been used to set for game birds such as partridges, quail, and pheasant. This trait is probably one of the things that have kept the breed from going extinct over the years.

    Rodney & Carol
    Carol's Cell 541 514-7693
    Conservators' Nankin Bantam Fowl
    Hobby Farm: Chicks in Roseburg, Oregon
    Ancient breed of Oldest known Bantams






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