2012 Lemon Blue Project birds for sale

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    Sold Sold Sold Lemon Blue Project birds from 2012 season. There are two cockerels that are colored similar. One is a bit smaller with a more correct comb, the other one has a comb that extends down more. The hens are out of a very good lemon blue/brown red pair, but they did not get much lacing. There are 2 blues with some lacing and one black with some lacing. There is a total of 5 birds available. Asking $15.00 each.
    Sold Sold Sold

    The cockerels are too red, but they should be able to supply the lacing that is needed in the hens to produce nice young. The hens should be able to give more of the lemon coloring. The cockerels are from a different breeding pair. Shipping available. I print my own labels and can save buyers money on shipping.
    Message for more information.

    These are PROJECT birds and are not intended to represent ideal lemon blue Cochins. They are birds to work with.
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