2012 Texas Chickenstock - May 19, 2012 -

allen wranch

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I will host the 2012 Chickenstock in San Marcos again this year. Feel free to ask anyone interested in poultry to attend.

Start 11:00 am, potluck lunch noonish.

Please suggest activities for the event (or we can just eat and talk chick'n.)
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I am fairly centrally located, but still a long way from some Texas BYCers.

If someone wants to host another Texas Chickenstock in the Panhandle, East Texas or where ever, that would be cool also.
Chickenstock is an annual gathering of poultry enthusiasts.

It started several years ago at BYC to give members a chance to meet each other and put faces with names. It has grown since then.

Each state has their own, but anyone interested in poultry is welcome. It is also a family affair.

Some Chickenstocks involve sales, swaps, raffles and are really big events. Look at some of the past Chickenstocks in Oklahoma for example.

Texas has usually been a meet, greet & eat affair, as most members enjoy just sitting around and talking about their birds. (I have a big wrap around porch to do this.)

In the past we have had pinatas for the kids and a white elephant swap. As more people came each year, it was hard to get everyone involved. If anyone has suggestions for activities, please speak up - especially kids' activities.

I prefer not to have a swap meet at my place for biosecurity reasons. However, if anyone buys or swaps with another individual off premise and wants to physically exchange or pick-up birds at Chickenstock, I will arrange for an area for the birds. Just don't bring any animals hoping to find a buyer.
I might show up too, I'll have to see what I have going on in May. That's a bit of a drive but we'll see.

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