2013-2014 Chick Plans

Hi since im done buying and raising chicks for this year I'm making plans as to what im going to but from Ideal and Mcmurry next spring. Have you yet?If so u should share. :)

2013 plan: 4 black crested white polish
5 RR pullets
5 BR pullets
5 Buff O pullets
5 Blakenvelders pullets
5 White leghorn pullets
5 red leghorn pullets
20 assorted d'uccle bantams
4 assorted polish
1 deleware rooster
1 hampshire rooster

Fred's Hens

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Hope to hatch 60-80 of our Heritage Barred Rocks
Hope to hatch 40 of our own utility layers
Hope to hatch 30 of our Heritage Rhode Island Reds

If some Heritage White Rocks happen to enter the picture? You bet I'll try to hatch some of those as well.
Just bought a new incubator and wishing it was March already!!


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Jul 15, 2012
We're making a run to Cackle Hatchery in late February/early March

10 EEs
5 Welsummers
5 New Hampshires
5 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (if they have them, fingers crossed)

and whatever else anyone in the STL area wants us to pick up for them!
Fred's Hens-I like the sound of heritage chickens. Could you explain to me what the difference is between heritage and non-heritage?

Whitnni- In my oppinion the best place to get a large and exotic assortment of the same breeds is Ideal Texas.

aschlic71-I had to copy and paste your username in. Thats why it looks weird
So i take it you live really close if you go pick the mup from the store then?

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