2016 Serama Chicks from Day 1

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    Just wanted to start a new thread about Serama's. I have just hatched my first Incubator Eggs. I welcome any comments, photos, etc.

    I have a flock of 4 Serama's 3 hens and a rooster. I live in New England where it does get cold. I keep them outside when it is above freezing and not too windy. They live in a 4 x 8 coop with a hoop roof that I keep covered in the winter. The chicken house is 2 x 2 and has heating from an oil filled radiator that is controlled by a thermostat. I keep the hen house at about 55 degrees year round. I have had it warmer when it is wet and cold out but find that if I get the temperature above 60 inside the house the girls tend to sit up on top of it at night instead of roosting up. The roof is corrugated plastic and they seem to enjoy the heat radiating up through the plastic. I found that 55 to 60 is what they prefer for a temperature. I have been getting an egg every other day from each hen all winter. They have one nesting box and occasionally I will hear an argument from them about someone blocking the nesting box.

    The two hatchlings I have are from my flock. I had set 6, 1 was not fertile, 1 quit early and two quit after lockdown. My first to hatch was 40 hours from first pip until my son and I helped her/him out. The other hatchling (Zip) went quiet after first pip and then went active for 4 hours and hatched itself. Both are doing well except for a little pasty butt.
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