Ended 2021 Chicken Gift-Ideas Giveaway - Over $500 In Gifts Up To $35 Each!

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TL;DR: Subscribe to this thread and come here EVERY DAY to post a link to a chicken-related product from Amazon or TSC, and you could win one of 15 gifts up to $35 in value!!


Hi Peeps!! :frow

This was SUPER fun last year, so we're doing it again! A Tractor Supply Company (TSC) and Amazon chicken gift idea giveaway!

We're getting close to that time of year when many of us will be thinking about gifts for our loved ones... well, if there's one thing we've learned over the years, is that many of us LOVE our chickens! So, why not include them in the list of gift recipients? :D

Our goal is to find out which gifts available through TSC and Amazon would be most fun and popular in 2020. Not only will this process help our community discover fun chicken gifts, but it helps us too as BYC gets a tiny % of each sale made through links to TSC and Amazon. (Note, this does NOT increase the price of the items... it just gives BYC a few pennies for referring you to their sites).

15 peeps
will each receive their choice of any of the prizes listed below!

  1. Search for a product/item at TSC or Amazon that you have purchased or would like to purchase as a gift for your flock or favorite chicken (adding a picture would be great too ;) ).
  2. Copy the link to the item and then reply to this thread with a link to the product and a quick sentence on why you like it, why you think it would be great for your flock, etc.
  3. Come back every day to post a new item! LIMIT: One link per reply, and one submission per day, per user.
  4. Check out other people's posts, and "like" or "love" the ones that you think are items you would also want to get someday.
  5. We'll finish accepting submissions at the end-of-day 12/26 (Pacific Time).
  6. We'll be randomly choosing from the replies (using www.random.org). See the winner-choosing schedule below!
Every 7 days we're going to pick a random winner from all the previous posts up until that moment.

Winners Chosen These Days:
IMPORTANT: The sooner you post, and the more often you post (one submission per day) the higher your chances are of winning!

NOTE: You must be 18 or older to enter. All BYC rules apply! No purchase is necessary. This giveaway is void where prohibited. BYC Store shipped items limited to the continental US.

Here's an example of a submission:

I'd love to get this chicken run from TSC. I've been having more and more issues with predators during the day, so having additional protected run-space would be excellent:

Come back EVERY DAY to post, like, and have fun! Good luck!!! :thumbsup

Oh, and check out the list of ideas sorted by the number of "reactions":

We're looking forward to seeing your ideas!!! :wee
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