20wk Pullet tail down, now won't walk. Sick Buff hen.

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    I'm expecting eggs soon from my 20-22wk old Barred Rock pullets, and I decided I'd worm them. Today I was filling up the containers for worming, and realized one of my Barred pullets was limping..thought she must've hurt her leg when she flew over the coop in a gap. Just short of 10 minutes she couldn't walk at all.
    Yesterday she was not limping, but for the past 2 days her tail had been pointed downward, everything else seemed just fine..except her tail angle. Her back was not sloped, just her tail down. Thought that was odd.
    Not sure what to make of it...any thoughts?

    Also, I have a Buff hen who stopped laying, and now sits in a corner looking pitiful, shakes her head at times, but does get up and comes for water and food...but she walks with her back end sloping down and kind of wobbly. I've been giving her Duramycin for about a week now. She just got wormed today for the first time.
    She's been like this for about 2 weeks...but the first week she wouldn't bother eating or drinking, or even getting up..but now she is.
    The only thing I can think of is that I had given all of my birds the last remaining mash in the container which had gotten a bit sour..but didn't think much of it as I know chickens eat some of the nastiest stuff...and it wasn't moldy. I wonder if that could have gotten her sick.

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

    BTW..I keep all of my breeds seperate, if that helps any. And no new birds have been introduced.
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