20X20 RUN CONSTRUCTION ******PICS*******


11 Years
Jan 27, 2012
SW Ohio
Wanted a nice sized secure run for silkies. It is attached to their covered run and can be closed off during colder rainy weather. Pretty easy project for me so thought I would share.
set metal t posts 10 feet apart
attached galvanized pipes (for chain link fence) to tops of t posts. Had to cut to fit with hacksaw or sawzall then attach to t posts with those nifty chain link fittings for the ends. Used 1/2 inch deep socket and ratchet.
tops braced apart for stability
1 t post set in middle with pipe attached all 4 directions for stability and to support top fencing. Top fence also attached to pipes with large zip ties and wire ties at the ends
attaching hardware cloth to bottom 3 feet. Used zip ties

fencing skirt extended out 3 feet all the way around and attached with a combo of zip ties and wire ties so nothing is digging under. Also layed landscape timbers all the way around the egde of skirting to hold the edges down until a layer of dirt can be added to top
built gate out of galv chain link pipe and a package of corners with bolts (from lowes). Wanted to build my own so it would be square and would fit closely around the edges for predator protection. Gate is secured with 2 snaps attached to short chains. Double protection
just found this finished pic on computer so thought i should add it

cut small pop hole from existing covered run to this new run and silkies were very happy :) Hope you like
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I am at work until 7 pm but here is the end brace things I used. They clamp onto the top of the t posts just like the galv pipe. I will take some close ups of how i attached them in the daylight tomorrow and post them for you.

Here you go....just figured out how to zoom this on my computer :) Hope you can see it well enough
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