21 days they are hatching pics included Update


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
My first egg hatched
she started pipping at about 9 last night and just got free from her egg a few minutes ago. She is moving and peeping like crazy. 22 more to go and I have to be at work at 7
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ABSOLUTELY CALL IN SICK!!!!! If you need a reason, tell them you're SICK of missing the most important things in life and you're taking a mental health day! If that is a little too truthful, you could go with: "I have to stay home and clean ALL my guns today....that's what the voices in my head TOLD me to do....." Of course there's the classic: "My husband/wife and I had a huge fight this morning and I can't wait to get to work so I can call my lawyer and start divorce proceedings, and on top of that my d@#n Prosac prescription ran out two days ago too."


Seriously, don't miss this miracle of birth today....it's something you'll never forget!

I may have to try some of those.

Good luck with you hatch, Shelia! Keep us updated.
No I went to work and called home constantly. So far we have 5 hatched 7 pipped. 11 more to go. Here is a pic of some of them. They are my first hatch and are RIR's

Just checked on the incubator out of 23 eggs I set all are hatched right now but 9 and 2 are pipped. so far 14 babies. they are all doing great. Running around and peeping. Cant believe with my first real hatch how good everything is going. I think though that this is enough of hatching for at least a little while too stressful
Thank you. So far we have 19. 4 eggs still left. 2 were shrink wrapped this morning when my humidity dropped. Helped them out and they are doing good. I really thought one was going to die cause she started to bleed. But they are both running around in the incubator. I have 14 in the brooder eating drinking. The other 5 are still in the bator. Will transfer them tomorrow

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