22 Serama Eggs, Ready To Go Out 3/16, 12 hr SALE

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    My girls are laying amazingly well! I have for a one day sale, 22 Serama eggs, gathered yesterday and today. My incubators are full and I have no where to put them, so I am offering them to go out in the mail tomorrow morning.

    Here are the text and pictures of my normal sale advert:

    If you were interested in raising these delightful little birds but were put off by the high prices they command, here is an opportunity to hatch some Serama chicks with much less risk.

    Please bear in mind that my birds are pet quality. I make no claims otherwise. I DO NOT show my Serama's, I raise them because I love them. I do exercise caution with which birds I breed.

    My eggs are intended for folks who are interested in the breed for pets and pleasure. They have wonderful personalities and are full of attitude on a small scale.

    Some breeders of show quality Serama's are breeding for color and having some success. My birds do not breed true for size or color. I have gotten very small birds from B and C sized pairs and larger birds from smaller pairs. The same is true for color.

    Serama eggs were the first we ever attempted to incubate and we ordered eggs from all over the US as we developed our skill at the task.

    These pictures are of chicks, juvenile birds and some of our breeding birds. They show the diversity of color we are getting.

    Young Cockeral & Pullet
    Young Roo
    Rhodie & Baby Australorp
    Breeding Pen


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    I love the Rhodie and the baby Australorp pic. It almost seems as if she is saying "Son, lots of chicks are adopted, and it doesn't make a bit of difference - I love you as if I had laid you myself."

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