22 WEEK old 'pullet' crowing this morning...( pic added post 3)


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Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
Is she a he? it came to me as a 16 weeker, and only had one tail feather, that has since come out. so no tail feathers at all... no eggs from any of my 22 weekers.... if she were a he, would s/he be crowing previously?
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Pictures would help us determine if she is a he but yes a pullet can crow. Sometimes cockerels are late bloomers in the crowing department. Patience on egg laying it's that time of year when they sometimes don't lay til later in the Fall and 22 weeks isn't that old for them to lay most breeds don't start til 24 to 28 week depending on time of year. My thoughts!

It's a cream Brabanter... and was hatchery sexed as a Female...
The neck feathers look a little pointy and long to me, and the legs are way long! The face is blurry, can't tell much there. But it's giving the appearance of a he. Hatchery sexing isn't always 100%.

Time will tell for sure, he or she looks like it'll be a good looking bird!
I don't see saddle feathers but I'm not that familiar with brabanters so hoping someone with that breed will chime in.

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