22 weeks on Monday

What are the breeds?

I don't know if you experience much shortage of day light hours in TX in the Fall/Winter, but here in MA we do and the egg production slows down considerably. Some breeds even stop for the winter and start up again in the Spring.
My father in law used to raise chickens and he swears they start at 22 1/2 weeks. I think my first was about 23 weeks. Don't give up! Be not faint of heart! The egg will come!
I'm feeling encouraged...
Doing nothing wrong. If you have heritage breeds, and not hybrids bred for early lay, then you're doing just fine. Some breeds right around 22, others maybe 28 . . .

the watched hen never lays?
yeah.... all mine were 26 to 28 weeks til i got eggs. It just seems like its never going to happen............and then some #@^*&( will put grocery store eggs in the nest boxes to freak you out......they seem to think this is funny for some reason
and then a few weeks later it will finally happen. Good luck....I hope yours dont wait as long as mine
In my flock of LF brahmas (16 hens) I had one that started at 19 weeks, two more joined her a week later and those three are laying every day now. I have at least two others that are laying about three times a week. They are now 23 weeks old, so that means I have 11 hens still not laying. I don't worry about it and I'm just happy to get the eggs that I do. Each hen will start on her own schedule, just like me and my four sisters did.
My girls turned 20 weeks (by my calculations) last Friday. On Saturday I got my first egg, Sun then the second, Monday then the 3rd and none today. I believe it is the same girl as the shell is blue, so it's one of my two EE's. I wasn't expecting any until 24 weeks cuz that's what I keep hearing.

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