22 weeks tomorrow - Jaeyna finally laid her egg!


May 16, 2020
Sebastopol, CA
We have 4 girls. Two have started laying over the past two weeks (Ginger - pretty green/blue eggs & Seven - light blue egg on Tuesday). Jaeyna has been frustrated, and antsy, and loud. Today she finally laid her egg :). It's a pretty little dark brown egg. I've been thinking she has some BCM in her because the friends eggs we hatched one of their BCM eggs hatched. I believe she has a Welsummer dad, and BCM mom. Anyway, yay Jaeyna...she's been wanting to lay for a couple weeks now. I hope this helps her chill out now. Her first egg is going to be blown out and made into an ornament keepsake. The photo shows the other two girls eggs in comparison. Now we only have one left to lay, Lady Bird.


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