23 & 25 week old silkies, Roo versus Hen

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    So now my silkies are 23 weeks old. None have crowed, but the darker red (buff) one has had some fast comb development over the last 2 weeks. I do see him/her flapping wings and craning his/her neck in the morning like crowing but no sound. Still no eggs. I have some that are 25 weeks old (white one and 2 white/black mixed breed). So what do ya'll think?

    Cuckoo and Darker Buff (red)

    Lighter Buff

    Both Buffs one one Grey Roo (Pancho has been missing for a week. I have found no body or feathers)

    Snowflake (younger photo)

    Snowflake (25 weeks old with mixed silkie) I suspect these are hens, they have very small combs.
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    Closer pics would be better. Some of the face and some side shots.

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