23 chicks and 1 turkey later .....


11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
Winston County, Alabama
we finally caught our chicken eater --- it was a skunk. This has been going on with 1 chick off and on nightly for the past 2 months. We have placed live traps, still traps, reinforced wiring, dug holes and placed concrete blocks and wire to try and catch this thing.I relocated the remaining chicks and turkey right at my back door until this thing was caught. We still don't know how it was getting in cause it was having to dig, dig, and dig some more just to get out. I figure it found a way to get through the top.My DH was getting tired of staying every night for the previous 4 nights and still not catching it. SO---he thought he would put the live trap inside the chicken coop to catch it. I might as well go get the V-8 cause he isn't gonna be smelling to good when he tries to dispose of this. My DH couldn't take care of it this morning cause he had to make a delivery to TN this morning. Guess the skunk will be ready for him this afternoon.


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Jul 4, 2007
Wow, glad you caught it! I'm sure it will be "fun" getting rid of those remains.

That's a long time to try to catch something. I'm sorry about all your loss.


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11 Years
Jul 20, 2008
with maurice, the original space-cowboy
if the skunk is inside a closed coop, he shouldnt spray ( they hate their smell too) and when you go in, take a blanket or something you DONT want back, and throw it over the trap, and he SHOULDNT spray,, and when shooting 1, alot of people think, hey i'll shoot it in the head and kill him instantly and he wont spray,,,,WRONG!!,, to do it right ya need to shoot it in the lungs so it cant take that last breathe in it needs to spray.
and if he does get sprayed, my ex girlfriends dad found a TENT works better then v-8 haha

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