23% for meaties?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by chooniecat, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Mar 2, 2009
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    my 11 5 wk old meaties have been on 20% dumor feed until today when the new feed store told me 23% would help them plump, as they seem a touch smaller than I thought they should be(but what do I know-1st timer). had been feeding appx. what they would eat in 12 hrs,like some would suggest so maybe thats why but I went ahead and got the 23% as its the same price as tsc wanted for 20%. my ? is 23% ok or will they not be able to walk in a week(not seriously!) but? also got 17% for layers as thats all they had(usually use 16%)

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    The only batch of meat birds I've raised so far I fed Start-and-Grow mix from day 1 to slaughter. My 12 week old roosters averaged 8lbs live weight. I received another shipment of 25 yesterday and plan on feeding them the same way. They were MONSTERS!! [​IMG]
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    The Hatchery my meaties came from said to use 21% or higher for the first four weeks then goto the 20 %.. Which I followed and also took their food out at 7pm - 7 am and they were great healthy meaties.

    It probably wont hurt them to up the protein now.. but it may not be in time.

    OH.. I use the 24% starter/grower from what was Dumor.. now I found a guy that makes it fresh every week and its only 18.00 for 100lbs.. woot.. my meatie price per lb just went down.

    Good luck
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    I usually do 20-22% for mine. I don't think you need 23%, but it won't hurt anything either. I wouldn't be too concerned about their size. They grow a lot from weeks 5-8.

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