24 Egg Asstmt--Del, BR, EE / PICKUP ONLY! / Fannin Co. GA

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    I collected these over the last week for myself to hatch and unexpectedly, do not have room for them in my incubator due to some that have been shipped to me. These must be picked up by Saturday or they'll lose their hatchability--cannot ship them Monday or they'll be too old.
    I'm not 100% sure of fertility on some of them, so am offering them for much cheaper than I normally would for this many eggs. Just so you know, on occasion, we are seeing dwarves hatched from one of the Delaware hens, but have not yet determined which one . Want you to understand that it's a possibility. Cash only, please, pay upon pickup. [​IMG] There are pictures of all of these hens and Isaac on BYC if you search.

    They include:

    10 Delaware Eggs, Isaac over Ellie and Georgie only.
    8 pure Barred Plymouth Rock eggs....Dutch over Becca, Amanda and Fern
    6 Easter Eggers...Isaac, my Del rooster, over Blue and Splash Ameraucana hens
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    [​IMG] always pick up....

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