24 eggs Plus a bonus egg! rare color bantams cochins


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I have 24 eggs in bantam cochins, in these colors they are in two pens. 1st pen the colors are white frizzle hen, two lemon blue roos, the buff lavender carrier sizzle hen, porcelian hen,lavender hen & roo ,blue hen 2nd pen there are lavender roo,black mottle, a mille feur roo & hen, lemon blue hen. all laying now. and you will get one Duccle egg for free if they lay more I will also send what ever they lay. But only if they are laying more so far they only been giveing me one or two every few day and sometime less then that. these are not from hatcheirs. they are from nice quality breeder. here are a few pic of some of them. this is a one day auction once the auction is done and the person pay by paypal I will ship next day. so please pay ASAP. my paypal email is [email protected] my shipping is 15.00 for that many eggs. thank you and God Bless! tt p /www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/thumbs/49373_sdc10039.jpg[/img][/URL]


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
oh so tempting never enough little yard sweepers running around here.Got to figure out if I have enough time to set them soon

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