~24 Hour Auction~ 10+ Black "BANTAM" Orpington Eggs from Show Stock


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9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
This auction is for 10+ eggs (extra's if available) from my BLACK Bantam orpington show stock. These birds are producing some exceptional show birds. I have shown one of the hens this past fall and did with her. I will be showing the flock rooster and several of the offspring starting this fall. All have great color, size and overall conformation. Eggs will ship as soon as auction ends and will be USPS Priority w/delivery confirmation. I am NPIP and AI Clean. Please email or pm with any questions.

*Please note that I cannot and will not guarantee hatching eggs do to circumstances beyond my control, ie: postal handling, weather, your incubation techniques. I do however take care in how they are stored and turned daily as well as packing to insure they make as safe as possible trip to your location.

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