***24 hr auction *** 12++ Assorted Purbred Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs

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    Please pay as soon as auction is over so I can ship these on Tuesday. I am poultry superintendent at our county fair which starts Wednesday so with that and showing a few of my own birds I'll be way to busy to ship any till the following Monday. But if you want something will be glad to put you on the list to ship after that. God Bless and Thank you for looking at my loving birds. xoxoxo... Roz

    For your consideration I have 12++ of ASSORTED purebred show quality Cochin Bantam fertile hatching eggs from our sweet colorful birds listed below and be sure to check out the NEW project pens too!! ALL DEPENDS ON WHO IS LAYING THE DAY I GATHER ON WHAT EGGS YOU WILL GET, but I promise you will get a nice variety of colors which you will really enjoy watching bloom into colors as they grow! All are laying pretty good right now, but you know cochins they can go broody at the drop of a hat LOL. Cochin Bantams are the most sweetest docile birds you will ever be around. Great for kids of all ages and 4-H poultry projects as well! I have SEVERAL that are just total pets and follow me around the yard like a dog. They are my all time favorite bantam! They are great layers, but really prefer being broody or taking care of chicks. We use them and Sizzles to hatch all of our Turkey eggs. They love getting all the attention and on our farm they get a lot of it! Shipping for a doz is $13.00 which besides postage also covers bubble wrap, tape and gas. We take Paypal and USPS money orders. We ship eggs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. We are always happy to work with you on a shipping date you prefer and any special orders you might want. We will gladly make special orders from just the varieties you want, but prices may be a little higher than a mix. Contact me and I will gladly see if I can help you get the color variety you like. We love our little colorful loveable Cochins and know you will also!

    At Lucky Pickens Farm we’ve been raising poultry for over 50 years and strive to raise high quality birds for show or just for pets. All birds on our farm are blood tested Pullorum/Typhoid clean. We see that our birds are kept happy and healthy by giving them the very best feed and TLC daily! We strive to breed to the Standard of Perfection on each breed we raise and all are purebred and kept in individual breeding pens away from predators. We feed a high quality, high protein all natural game bird breeder pellet with vitamins and minerals in the water daily to insure high fertility. We also feed a little scratch grains, Calf Manna and veggie treats which Gary grows in his garden. We LOVE spoiling our birds and it shows! You can see more photos of them on our website below. We are always happy to answer any questions about them and if you see some you like feel free to email me if you wish to place a special order of any variety you might like.

    I have Fibromyalgia and can't work. My chickens are my therapy that keep me going, selling a few hatching eggs helps me buy feed for my little feathered loved ones. I gather several times a day to keep the eggs from getting to hot or to cold, to insure they are fresh and fertile for you. They are dated and turned three times a day and stored in a temperature controlled room to assure you the best possible hatch. All eggs are coded on which pen they come from and are no more than four/five days old when shipped. This insures the eggs are stronger to handle the shipping. Eggs are usually fairly clean, but may contain occasional soiling. I do not wash eggs but will brush of excess soiling if present. Washing can contaminate the eggs and may decrease hatch rate. Eggs are wrapped individually in a long strip of bubble wrap then nestled and secured in crumpled newspaper and box is clearly marked FRAGILE. I have found if I don't put Hatching Eggs on the box they get treated better also, but will gladly mark them that way if you so want. I've had very good success shipping this way. I pack and ship they way I would like my eggs shipped with lots of packing! We have had an excellent hatch rate on our farm ourselves this year as well as with our shipped eggs. However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances out of our control. Rough postal handling and incubator mishaps will make perfectly fertile eggs not develop or hatch. Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk. Please be understanding and know this when purchasing hatching eggs.

    Our Cochin Bantam pens includes …

    1. ** 1 - F4 Calico/Mille Fleur rooster "Winchester" with 2- F3 Calico/Mille Fleur Cochin Bantam hens, 1- F1 Calico hen. My rooster and one of the Mille hens came from Lynne Wingshadows Hacienda in CA. She has been working on the Mille Fleur variety in Cochin Bantams for several years and has some awesome birds. I bought the other 2 hens who are hatched from her eggs. The other hen is one that I have bred and raised from my Buff Columbian/Mottled breeding. **UPDATE** I have now added 2 Calico/Mille roosters and 5 Calico/Mille laying hens to this pen. I have hatched and raised all from my breeders, a few are even Chocolate Calico and all are just Gorgeous! Will be posting more pictures of them all later. (Egg code CMC)

    2. ** NEW...Calico/Mille Frizzle project pen includes 2 Calico/Mille cockerels "Bruno and Baron" out of Winchester and Lilo above. They look almost identical both colored like a Mottled Partridge, definitely different and unusual. With them are 3 Black Mottled Frizzled hens from "Winchester above and a black frizzle hen. All 3 show a tiny bit of mottling so should throw some very pretty mottled chicks. Also in the pen are 2 Partridge Frizzle hens and a Blue Frizzle hen. All are good type and with the boys should produce some really nice colorful curly Calico/Milles. (Egg code CMFC)

    3. ** NEW....Blue Calico/Mille project pen includes a Blue Calico/Mille rooster "Remington" who is out of Winchester above and a Blue Mottled hen. He is just beautiful, nice dark blue with lighter blue under pants, LOTS of Mottling all over and now showing red spots popping up on him as well! Since he is now showing more Calico in him decided to try breeding for Blue Calico/Mille. I have "Sassy" a Buff Columbian hen with him and the pair should produce a variety of Calico/Mille colored chicks. (Egg code BCMC)

    4. ** Buff Columbian rooster "Sonny Boy" with 3 nice Buff Columbian hens. All in this pen are some I have hatched and raised from a line I developed myself. All are very nice color and type and just started to lay several weeks ago. Just confirmed fertile eggs in the incubator from them and looking forward to seeing their first chicks any day now. (Egg code BFCC)

    5. ** Black Mottled rooster "Wizard" I hatched and raised from a black mottled pair "Oreo" and "Ms Bibs". With Wizard are 2 of my Black show quality hens, Ms Bibs and 3 other really nice mottled hens, all with nice mottling, heavily feathered feet and nice pretty round buns. (Egg code MTC)

    6. ** NEW... a Red Mottled project pen includes a nice dark mahogany Red Mottled rooster "Duke" who is out of my Calico Mille pen. He only has a few black feathers in his tail and around his head so should make a great start for red mottled bred with "Ethel" my Red cochin hen. F1 chicks from this pair may not show a lot of mottling but will carry the mottled gene and when bred back together the F2 chicks will have nice mottling. (Egg code RMTC)

    7. ** NEW.... Blue Barred and Creole project pen. A Barred Frizzle Cochin Bantam rooster "Sarge" with 2 Partridge hens and 2 Splash hens. ** Update just had my first hatch a week ago and defiantly have 3 Blue Barred frizzles just the most adorable chicks! Another chick looks like a barred chick and hope that it will get more Creole coloring as it matures. Will be posting photos of them later. (Egg code BFC)

    8. ** Splash Frizzle rooster "Fonzi" with 1 show quality splash hen and 1 show quality blue hen. I've hatched a lot of nice splash and blue chicks from this pen all summer. The girls have gotten over their vacation and are back to work! (Egg code SFC)

    9. ** Lemon Blue rooster "Prince" is just gorgeous with a hint of metallic lemon gold in his hackles. Which is just beautiful in contrast to his dark blue base coloring with lighter splash coloring in his wings and tail. With him is a Lemon Splash hen "Goldilocks" with her golden coloring in her hackles against the lighter splash coloring it is easy to see how she gets her name! Also in the pen is a Blue show quality hen "Blue Belle". All are great type with very full buns, with a very unique coloring which so far the chicks I have hatched from them look just like them. They are all just beautiful!. (Egg code LBC)

    10. ** Silver Laced pen includes "Bruce Almighty" and my sweetheart "Lacie". They are two of my favorite birds and are throwing some really nice clean laced chicks. With them now are 4 pullets I have raised from them and they are all laying really well now. I have confirmed fertility and expect chicks soon and can't wait! (Egg code SLC)

    11. ** Black split to Lavender pen. I bred and raised these from my show blacks bred from a Lavender rooster I hatched last summer from shipped eggs from Bill Clegg in GA. Pen includes 2 cockerels "Cupid and Ace" and 3 hens, "Valentine, Candy and Sweetheart" They all 5 got their names from being hatched on Valentine's Day LOL! All are just as sweet as can be and LOVE and demand all the attention! The girls are all laying just about every day which is just wonderful since their mama's don't lay very well at all! All 5 are really nice type that hopefully will produce better type and feather quality lavenders. I have been hatching both black and lavender chicks now and they are maturing out very nice so far. (Egg code B/LC)

    Hugs, God Bless and happy hatching from Lucky Pickens Farm!

    Roslyn & Gary Pickens

    Paypal address... [email protected]

    "Winchester, Callie and Lilo" my first Calico Mille Cochin Bantams

    A few of the calicos in the broody pen, boy do they want to sit LOL!

    My calico mille pen Duke the rooster on the left towards the middle is now out and in his own pen for mottled reds.

    Duke looks more red mottled so is now with a red hen to work on more red mottleds.

    "Rusty and Ethel" and Ethel is now with Duke for mottled reds.


    "Bruce Almighty"

    A 4 month old Silver Laced pullet.

    "Prince and Goldilocks"

    "Goldilocks" this is my favorite picture of her.


    "Ms Bibs" one of my favorites I bought from Sackman. She has had lots of pretty babies for me.

    "Wizard" who is out of Oreo and Ms Bibs below. Going to the fair next week and hope he wins first place.

    "Champion" he won Best Feathered Legged and a few other ribbons at the Arkansas State Fair in 2009. My blacks are from him.

    "Blue Belle" a blue hen from my show quality blacks, another one of my favorite girls!

    "Sonny Boy" Buff Columbian cockerel with a few of his girls.

    "Chachi" Blue Columbian Cockerel
    "Cloud" Blue Columbian hen, she and Chachi have some pretty girls soon to add to his pen.

    A few of our chicks we are raising from our eggs.

    A few newborn chicks


    Hi all I bought a dozen and a half cochin bantam eggs and she sent extra's. I had 20 count it 20 hatch out of a dozen and extras. This by far the best eggs I have bought and had shipped.. Just out standing!!! The chicks are so darn cute with there feathered legs and toes!!! GREAT!!!! GREAT!! person to buy from!! Thank you!!

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    Dear luckypickens,

    11 eggs developing wonderfully....thank you so much...will send pictures when they hatch...thanks again...cindy
    - cscheepsma

    Dear luckypickens,


    I just wanted to let you know that 8 out of 12 little babies hatched yesterday! And they are some of the cutest chick I have ever had!! Several different colors!! Just wanted to say thank you!

    - adalieecker

    Dear luckypickens,

    Hello Roslyn,

    I just wanted to touch base and thank you for your great service. I was shocked at how wee-tiny they were. So cute!! I am happy to report that all 14 eggs arrived safe and sound and that upon candling them today, 11 are developing and show visible blood vessels. Only three are not. At this point, you have done everything within your power to give me a great opportunity to hatch these wonderful birds. I will be leaving positive feedback today. I will keep you posted as we approach hatch just so you know how we did. I think getting 11 viable eggs from the 12 I bought is a super deal. Thank you again.

    All the best,
    - pontiacbonneville

    Dear luckypickens,

    I thought you might like to know what colors I hatched.

    1.) BCC
    2.) B/L
    3.) BCC
    4.) B/L
    5.) PC
    6.) MFC
    7.) RFC
    8.) SFC
    9.) PC


    - pontiacbonneville

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