24+ Rainbow Orpington Eggs + 2 Chocolates (Shipping included in price)


Jan 16, 2008
Please read carefully to better understand why I call these "Rainbow"

I will ship these out Friday March 11th (tomorrow) if they sell in time. Buy it Now INCLUDES shipping.
Paypal Only please. Paypal is [email protected]

*BONUS* I accidentally mixed in 2 of my chocolate orp eggs today when I was collecting, so my mistake is your gain.

I have my orpingtons penned together for winter. I have 5 pens that I will collect eggs from.

Pen 1 - Lavender Roo with 4 lav hens and 2 white hens
Pen 2 - Black Roo with 2 lav hens and 2 white hens
Pen 3 - Splash Roo with 2 blue hens,2 white and 2 lavender hen
Pen 4 - Blue roo with blue hens and splash hens and a black hen
Pen 5 - Black Orp Roo with 2 Chocolate Hens
You will get normal colored chicks ( Lavenders,Blacks,Blues,Splash) as well as some rainbowish chicks.
My understanding is that the white orps carry the cuckoo gene, so you should hatch out some REALLY cool looking chicks.
If you just want some Good quality Orpingtons but are not concerned with colors, this is the deal for you.

My stock comes from Dick Horston, HinkJC Mountain Poultry and TaterChicken stock.




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Ah Tony. I kinda like to mix all colors of Orps also. I have found you get some surprising colors. This sounds like a prefect batch of eggs for me. I will be like a kid in a candy shop. Sold.

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