24 weeks old and still no eggs.

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  1. My Barred Rock hens are 24 weeks old now, and still no eggs. Can anyone tell me what age to expect them with this breed?
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    I have 11 pullets all 24 weeks old. So far only 8 are laying and have been for about 3 or 4 weeks.
    There eggs range from small to medium. But I can tell they are slowly getting bigger.
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    Our BR didn't start until 26 weeks. Our wellie held off until week 32. Every chicken is different, regardless of breed; it's a game of averages and sometimes you end up with outliers. Patience. [​IMG]
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    I have not had Barred Rocks but some of my Speckled Sussex and Buff Brahmas will take until 8 months. The slow to start laying pullets have always grown into my biggest hens.
  5. Thank you for the updates. My impatience grows daily, as my RSLs of the same age have been laying for over two weeks! Great big brown eggs.... . Ok, I'll hold off on freezer camp for a few more weeks! (LOL)
  6. Well, I guess the girls have been listening.... Got the first egg from the Barred Rocks today! 24 1/2 weeks old

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