**24HR BID!!** 12+ Speckled Sussex hatching eggs! **24HR BID!!**

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    Mar 7, 2008
    These eggs will ship on 04/26/2011!!!

    My incubator is full again so I'm offering some for sale! [​IMG]

    I am offering 12+ Speckled Sussex hatching eggs! Please read below before bidding!
    These are NOT hatchery birds.

    Payment Policy:
    ~I accept Paypal and money orders. Payment must be recieved before eggs will ship!!
    Paypal payments should be send to [email protected]

    Shipping Method:
    I use USPS Priority. I will pack at least as many eggs as you ordered and will send extra ones if my hens lay enough for me to do so. Shipping is $12 unless it is unable to be shipped flat rate.
    Eggs will be individually wrapped in bubblewrap and cushioned with newspaper.

    Additional Shipping Information:
    ~I will ship eggs as close to the beginning of the week as possible so your eggs don't end up sitting at the post office over the weekend.
    ~I guarantee fresh and fertile eggs. That being said, I cannot guarantee hatch-rate due to circumstances beyond my control once the eggs leave my care such as shipping, incubation method etc.
    ~I cannot guarantee specific availability dates for my eggs, as I cannot guarantee the laying rate of my Speckled Sussex. However, as long as the eggs are available from my hens, they will be shipped out the monday following the end of the auction.
    ~Please remember that eggs are "time sensitive" and cannot sit around once you get them, they need to be put into an incubator as soon as possible!

    More pictures of my Speckled Sussex available on my website!

    Happy Bidding!
    Chick from a January 2011 hatch...
    Chicks from my hatch last weekend!

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