24th day??


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Safford, Arizona
Today is 24th day Now I am worried
I have possible 3 chickies in eggs, so sign of pips they have been in lock down with humidity 78 % What do I expect now?
Try floating them in 100 F water to see if they are still viable. You can do a search for that topic.

Enough water to immerse egg. Ensure no pips or cracks, then place eggs in 100 degree F water bath:

If eggs sink then not viable.
If eggs float with 20% above water then viable. You may even see the ripples in water showing movement of chick inside.
If egg floats high then probable not viable.

Dab dry viable and unsure eggs with towel and replace in incubator.

Or do a quick candling on them instead to see if duds:

If clear they never developed, or stopped developing during hatch.
If dark then a developed chick that may still hatch. Note the air sack may or may not still be seen as the chick could have already internally piped.
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did the water test, was nervous that I may hurt the baby.
didnt see movements it did float 20 % I candled quickly, looks like a full baby inside, no movement either, so will give few more days....
When I did the float test one egg sunk to the bottom. you said its not viable. I did candling, the egg was very dark like theres a body. did not see movements. Chick died? I am giving few more days, I will not open them, I afraid I will grossed out !!
Today I pulled the plug on my incubator.
I have a friend thats brave enough to open the eggs. There was some eggs have full body, and died. some were partly developed with feathers . he thought they stop around the 16th day (just guessing) Now I wish I knew how to prevent this next time !!!!
Thanks for that information. I pretty much got everything right, except for one thing, few days ago the temps did go over 103. I dont know why it went up. (Not sure what cause them temps increased) guessing that may have died.

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