25 baby Chicks... who is who??

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  1. Lacap

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    Jun 20, 2015
    Have a bunch of baby ( McMurrays choice layer) chicks, trying to figure out who is who. There are 10 with feathered feet, and one completely gray exotic..thick legged/with feathered feet super fearless (probably male) . wondering what breed to google to try and start to figure out the breed. Having fun in the "coopa cabana" and I even made an "EGGSIT" sign..for the older hens to leave the coop to forage. Oh by the way, we live in the florida keys.. so my girls really know how to sun bath and catch Bugs/lizards! LOL Any suggestions on where to start looking on google to identify these girls... and perhaps a boy or two? Feathered thick legs/gray/ and hysterical to watch jump around.

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    Check out 'feathersite', also the MMcM catalog, the Cackle catalog, and the Meyers catalog. It's fun to work out the breeds as they grow! Enjoy! Mary
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