25 day old chick: Female or Male?-New Pics Added!!!! 7 weeks old....

Do you think she's a female, male, or is it too early to tell?

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UPDATED PICTURES: Uploaded on March 19th, 2010 (7 weeks old...I know, she's underdeveloped...but now she's on a better, higher-protein diet and she's growing much faster and normally!




I was wondering...could someone tell me the gender of my 25 day old chick, Ivory? I am guessing she's a girl and I really hope she is because if she isn't I won't be able to keep her.
(we have too many roosters already). I've tried the test method where you hold them gently by there neck/shoulders and if they kick around they're a boy, if their legs just dangle straight out, they're a girl. It was for 1-day old chicks but I tried it when she was 2 weeks old and the results were girl. I don't know if it works or not, but I just found it in an article and decided to try it out and see if it would work.

But anyway, Ivory is a cross between our Splash Cochin rooster (standard) and our Buff Orpington hen (standard). So far, she has feathers coming in on her wings, under her wings, on her feet/legs (she has feathered legs/feet), on her shoulders/lower neck, etc...It's amazing how fast they are growing out! Her comb is still very small and no redness showing (sometimes with chicks even as young as her that turn out to be roosters, their comb will be noticeably a bit larger and redder). Just by her looks and the way she acts I think she's a girl.

Here are some pictures when she was younger (a little less than a week old):


I will post more recent pictures tomorrow when I can! Hopefully that will help!

So, is she a female, male, or is it too early to tell?


P.S. This is my first poll as a GFM! Yay!

MORE RECENT PICTURES: 26 days old (almost 1 month already?!

Up-close picture of comb (notice how small it is still, and it's showing no signs of redness at all)





I hope these help!
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She looks more cochiny to me. I think it is a she, but here is another way I read about. When you put your hand over her, does she reach up or duck down. Reachers are probably boys, duckers are probably girls. I noticed after reading this that my chicks last fall did exactly what I described.
There's no way to tell if this chick is a pullet or cockerel based on its picture at a few days old - if you post a current picture, you'll get more accurate guesses.
Yeah I know and I promised I would post more recent ones...I am going to take some pics right now and will post them in a few minutes!

SteveH-yes that's exactly what I was thinking! Her wing feathers that she has now are looking beautiful already! They are a gray/blueish color with golden (buff) markings.
And her head will be golden, so it will look so neat!
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I tried that...She didn't do anything! lol She just stands there. Of course she's not going to duck, since she's so tamed now and she would only duck if she was scared.

Awwwww right now shes sleeping in my lap with her head just laying stretched out! haha And she's peeping in her sleep because she hears me typing right now.

Pictures are coming as soon as she wakes up!
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