25 d'uccle eggs for $25 dollars! Bargain bin! Shipping included. npip

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    Yes, it IS true! Someone asked me to collect these eggs for them since Thursday last week and has not responded to my e-mails stating they are ready! So as a result I have 36 eggs ready to ship, the morning after I get a Paypal! I can ship to any state that accepts standard NPIP pullorum/typhoid/avian influenza free status. These are from 2 porcelain d'uccle roos over 6 porcelain and 2 mille fleur hens, with a few that won't be fertile since they'd be from my mixed hens- who I can't tell the difference in eggs yet as they only started laying so their eggs are small like the d'uccles. So at least 25 of these (and maybe more) will be fertile d'uccle eggs! I am an extreme bubble wrap user, so they will be packed securely! I"m trying to sell these so I don't have to make egg dishes all weekend long!

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