25% protein chick starter?

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    Dec 1, 2009

    I have 3 week old chicks, and 1 week old chicks. When I got the older ones, I also got ducklings with them, so I mixed 18% medicated chick starter(25lbs) with 28% gamebird starter(40 or 50 lbs). The combination made a feed that was approx. 25% protein. The babies were all so healthy and all, that I have kept them on this feed since the ducklings were sent to their permanent home. The 3 weekers seem to be almost fully feathered out, and all chicks seem to be healthy and growing very well. When we got the younger group in, I just gave them the same 25% food. They are barred rock pullets, and I have noticed that they seem to have a little bit of odd feather growth on their wings, like angel wings in waterfowl(could be my imagination, do chickens get this, too?).

    I am just wondering if it is ok to keep them on such a high protein food, or if it would be better to go to the regular chick starter. If the younger chicks do have angel wing, will it resolve itself, or will they be like that forever?

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    Edited to add: I don't think the pullets have angel wings, I think some of the feathers are just longer than the others.
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    You are OK there are chick feed with that high protien. Since you have Rocks they need a bit higher protien anyway since they are bigger and heavier chickens. I keep mine on 24% as chicks then down to 20% when full grown. The feathering will change with time and moults do not worry.
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    I agree with cybercat. Though I don't feed as high a protein feed to adult birds as cyber does: but that is just individual preference.

    I feed all my chicks 28% Gamebird starter. I'm not sure just what you are describing though. Usually if there is any negative effect on the chicks at all (if you want to call it negative, maybe a better word would just be different) it is that the first feathers will tend to curl back. You can continue to cut the gamebird starter if that is working for you, but again that is not necessary. saladin
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    Ok, thanks. I just wanted to make sure.


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