25 week old OEG mix hens still not laying

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    IS this normal? We have been patiently waiting but they still have not laid a single egg. any of them. There are four. We have three BR hens, on the other hand that are now 30 weeks, and they've all been laying for almost two months.. I will say that they don't have much of a comb or wattle, or comb. But they're mama doesn't either. they are mixed breed chickens. two look like BR mixes, and the other two.. IDK what they are. we got them when they were just a couple weeks old. Is it possible they may wait until spring to start laying maybe? confused.. new to chicken raisin' ty in advance.
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    Barred Rocks are a production breed. Old English are not. That is the big difference between the onset of lay. At 25 weeks, they should be laying soon, but it's not uncommon for ornamental breeds to start laying as late as 8 months.
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    Thank you. Their mama is a wheaten OEG and when she isn't broody or raising babies (which she is doing now) she lays 6 days a week, sometimes all seven!

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