25 wk old Wyandotte not eating/drinking

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    Feb 12, 2012
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    This morning at feeding time I found one of my 25-week old Silver-laced Wyandotte hens hiding in the corner of the coop. She is low on the pecking order but appears unharmed. I set food near her and kept the other birds away, but she's not eating or drinking. Her crop feel empty, but otherwise she looks okay.

    She is not yet laying.

    I've only had her for a month and the gold-laced cochin she arrived with has developed a cold, or respiratory infection perhaps? I've separated the two of them, plus the other Wyandotte from the flock and have them in a separate cage. I put electrolytes in the cage water and I've tried giving them some treats - tomatoes, scrambled eggs, yougurt, and meal worms, the other two hens did eat, this hen did not.

    She is clearly in distress, she squats down and closes her eyes. There's no discharge from her nose or mouth. I'm not sure about pooping.

    I don't know if she's been wormed.

    Any suggestions?

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