27 Weeks and Still Pushing. Shes acting like a total weirdo!!

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    Blondie my oldest of all my hens is acting weird!! She has been laying around!! I don't mean lazy or not happy, active or medical. She has been screaming the last few hours today and my way to correct is I have a water bottle that's FANTASTIC at shooting a straight shot for 25'!! When ever the girls act up I say to them DADS getting the spray gun and they scramble and duck LOL. I have been shooting them ever since they were chix. Funny but back to my point, she is digging holes all over the run yard they inhabit next to the house. She runs from one to the other and today she is screaming up a storm. We have
    squirrels that tease the girls like crazy and she always barks and caws at them running on top of the fence but not today she is sounding off like she is screaming at them but her talking is so loud I went to my neighbor and apologized about how loud the girls were and he said laughing my ears and hearing is so bad I could care less. OMGoodness I was thankful. Said sorry to bother you and we talked and thank you that was over.

    Is she going to lay eggs my other chickens never made that much noise but the coop was on the back side of the property and I could not hear it and now the coop is right up near one of my house windows and she is going crazy. Not Squatting like my
    other birds were but its been years and I am confused by the signs and mixed signals she is giving me and the way she is talking to me? Any idea's?? She is not sick she's drinking, eating, playing, active but being a weirdo totally these last 30 hours. Any ideas for laughs and giggles it will help me tell my wife [​IMG]what the heck is up!!l
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    Given her age and the increasing sunlight, I would guess she is working on laying her first egg!

    I don't have squirrels, but my Black Australorps literally ripped up the nest boxes before laying their firs eggs. My guess is she is trying to keep the squirrels away from that first egg.

    Good luck!

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