28 Breeds for sale in Gettysburg, Pa


12 Years
Feb 2, 2008
Glen Rock, PA
I recently saw and ad in my local newspaper for some chicks, so I called. She had every breed I was looking for. So we took the hour ride to her place and BOY OH BOY! What an amazing place. There were chickens, turkeys, peacocks, pheasant, quail EVERYWHERE! And they all looked so happy and healthy and well taken care of. We had a blast and learned alot, we ended up staying for over and hour and my son returned home with 2 extra peeps!
1 Partridge Cochin
1 Cuckoo Maran
1 White crested polish
1 Black white crested polish

She also sells hatching eggs. You can contact her here:
[email protected]
If you have a hard time getting an answer with that e-mail. PM me and I can give you here phone number. She is a very nice lady, really loves her birds and is quite knowledgable. I am not sure if she would ship.
Please let her know that you are from the BYC forum.
Have fun!

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