28 chicks coming soon-chantecler and rooster questions.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by slc, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I placed our order with Ideal. I have 28 chicks on their way and I'm so excited. Chantecler, orpington, wyandotte, australorp, EE, RIRxNh reds, brahma, and polish.

    Anyone have any bad experiences with Ideal? I chose them because they had the Chanteclers.

    I liked the comb type and winter production of chanteclers, wyandottes have beautiful pattering, and everyone tells me about their gental docile orps. So I had to get all three.

    Then I got the idea that as long as I was going to keep a few breeds why not add some roos so I can breed my own replacements as I need them.

    Chicks are a mix of partridge and buff Chantecler, golden laced Wyandottes, buff Orpingtons, and some EE, Australorp, and Production Reds for eggs. Mr. requested some feather footed (scratch less in gardens?) and I want some comical pom pom heads for fun so I included buff brahma and buff laced polish.

    I've read mixed ideas about Chanteclers, some say docile some say skittish. Can anyone comment on that? Should I expect the roos to be aggressive or calm?

    Six boys (for breeding replacements) will have a bachlor house. Can anyone comment on how chantecler, wyandotte, and orpington will get along housed together full time?

    The hens, pom pom heads, and the brahma roo will make up the second flock. The brahma will have 17+ free ranging hens to manage so I he will be busy [​IMG]

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    A pom pom head? ROTFLMBO
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    Wish you were closer! I'd love to breed my chant hens with your roos... so far mine have great personality and love to sit in my hands [​IMG]
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    I hatched my Partridge Chanteclers and hand raised them. For the most part they are quite easy going and easily handled. They are only skittish with things like moving big tarps around the yard, unknown dogs, etc. And the rooster always does his job with anything unknown! They are very winter hardy and I had no decrease in egg laying during the winter months.

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