28 days later.... 3 healthy chicks!

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    Man what a ride! So after years of not buying eggs online, and remembering success the last time I did it, I order some eggs... it would be... 31 days ago. 3 different varieties, so that they're from different pens. It's a theory I have. I bought two breeds, but requested that the "+" eggs be Golden Lakenvelders if it was possible. It was, she sent 4.

    Plugged in my old trusty Hovabator, which worked great. If only my thermometer was correct! It was reading high, so my temp was low.

    Day 7, tossed clear eggs. That would have been 11 Light Brahmas, and 12 Wheaten Penedesencas. The ones I actually bought. My plus eggs and 1 Brahma were veining nicely.

    And on they went... day 14.... day 21... day 24... I had my husband start opening one for practice. I candled it, no movement. So I had given up. We get the top end off, and there's a living chick in it. So, back it went.

    2 days later, I knock holes into two more. They're still kicking. The last one pips the day after that. The Brahma never untucks it's head and passes.

    So, I got 4 plus eggs, and 3 chicks from only those. Weird huh? Two look like boys, and one girl. Sad. I hope they grow differently than I think they will.

    But they came out just in time for my Blue/Splash Maran eggs to go in. I cleaned the incubator (with only hot water) and set the eggs in the turner, with a digital thermometer this time.

    So we'll see if I have babies on day 21 this time. Not sure, there were shipping issues. Texas and Arkansas got their eggs before me, and I was in the same state as the seller!

    I do have to admit, it was cool seeing the babies work through the removed portion of shell. They really do untuck their head to pip. When they are actively pipping, it's sort of like they're having a spasm and the beak hits the shell. It looks like so much work! They pause and chirp, pause and breathe. Tap, tap, tap, pause.

    Tried to get photos, but couldn't get past the glare from the windows and I wasn't opening it any more... I had set my humidity at 80% and was re-wetting the membrane that was exposed. Even then, I still got sticky bits on two of them.

    But they're alert, the first out is eating. They're cuddled into the tail of their stuffed skunk, my fake mother hen I keep in the brooder. Gives them something to cuddle with.
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    Congratulations on your babies! That's why I ALWAYS open the shells before I toss anything! [​IMG]
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    AGGHHHH. Congrats to you! But now I hate that I threw out 2 eggs I thought weren't going to hatch....[​IMG]
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    just curious... when you get that far along and you cut the tops off the eggs, did those babies make it?

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