28+ Self Blue/Lavender Split Project Bantam Cochin Eggs

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    Apr 11, 2010
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    I have some more eggs from this week I just dont feel like setting as we are over ran with chicks so heres a chance to get some of our Bantam Cochins from our Self-Blue/Lavender Split Project Pen.

    So far I have:

    32 Self-Blue/Lavender Split Eggs

    These Eggs are out of a Black Split for Self-Blue/Lavender Rooster over Black Split for Self-Blue/Lavender Hens and 2 Birchen Split for Self-Blue/Lavender Hens.

    You could get Self-Blue/Lavender Chicks, Black Split to Self-Blue/Lavender Chicks, Solid Black Chicks and some of each color with Birchen Markings.

    I will add what I get thru the end of the auction.

    Payment is due right away at end of auction so I can get these packed up and out tomorrow (6/25).

    As with all shipped eggs I can not guarantee shipped hatching eggs due to P.O. handling and individual incubation practices.

    New Pictures coming shortly

    Photo of the Rooster as at about 6-8weeks old

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