28 weeks old and still no eggs....

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  1. edster951

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    Blue / Splash Orpingtons...

    We are getting into winter here too...thought they would start laying as it is thier first winter, or is that a myth? Cockerells have started to crow.

  2. silkiechicken

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    Orps are a larger non "production" breed so may be slower to start laying. Add shorter day lengths due to winter, they may wait till spring.
  3. edster951

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    Quote:Not what I wanted to hear. We're having to buy eggs at the moment, and I have over 25 egg layers (or non-layers) at the moment.
  4. d.k

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    * They'll get there-- are they getting their oystershell??
  5. 2manyhats

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    May 18, 2008
    Central NY
    We had Buff Orps. They'll lay great once they get started. I really liked the disposition and that they are a good duel breed. Don't get discouraged. Do you have power to your coop? You can add extra light to lengthen the days a bit.
  6. Scrambled Egg

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    If they are doing the foot tapping squat...egg laying is not very far off!!! Hang in there..pretty soon you will be trying to figure out what to do with those two dozen eggs a day!!! [​IMG]
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