29 hatching eggs 15 Buff Orp & 14 RIR only $29 FREE shipping

Florida chick

12 Years
Jan 19, 2008
Only $29 and that include shipping. I had these 2 dozen + boxed up and the person begged for chicks instead and came today. Soooooo I just boxed them these were freshly collected this am. I will ship Priority with Del conf 1st thing tomorrow morning. This is for a total of 29 eggs. Just a $1 each and FREE shipping
This is a 1 time deal so please post sold and Paypal to [email protected] thank you
While I'm waiting for PP to let me log in...
Thanks! I've been looking for my pal, Debi, for a good deal on eggs for more layers (she like reds and buffs and I don't.) She'll be sooo tickled

OK, PP sent.
Let me get with Deb on the phone and she may want to have them sent to her and hatch them herself (lol, but I seriously doubt it). If you don't hear different send them on to my Aiken address.
Thanks again,

See things always happen for a reason!
I sold another chicks out of the deal anyways. LOL

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