$299 wood playhouse at Costco

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  1. Anyone in the market for a very nice playhouse which could be easily made into a coop might want to check their local Costco. At my local one today they had this for just $299:


    Unfortunately this particular playhouse isn't available for order on the Costco website, so you'll have to check the store.

    I wish there were photos of the inside of the playhouse. It features a play double-sink which would make great nest boxes. The construction is very solid. If I wanted a nice-looking coop for 4 - 5 hens in an urban or suburban backyard, I would totally snap this up. It would need comparatively little modification to make it suitable.
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  2. greengardengirl

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    So cute! I want one!
  3. redhen

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    heehe, and it has a wittle mail box! you can send the girls letters and tell them they better get laying!

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