2day old Turkey chick not eating or drinking.

craigle dude

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Jun 27, 2009
North West England, Merseyside
Hey I have 2 two day old turkey chicks one of them is fine pecking at the food still needs a bit of help with the water but other than that really good but the other one
one of his eyes are semi closed he struggles when you help him drink and won't peck at the food I just wanted to know how I can help it
Add a teaspoon of brown sugar (table sugar will do in pinch) to a quart of water. Just keep dripping alongside beak with finger if nothing else (avoid nares). Crushed mealworms, mixed with a bit of water, and a tiny bit squeezed from eyedropper into open beak (make sure it is swallowing in between portions) will work. If no mealworms then slurry of gamebird starter/water.

These guys can fade very quickly, but if one gets lucky and gets them over the hump they'll do all right.

Good luck!

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