2m old chick moving her head weird. What is it?

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    Jun 29, 2011
    I have a 2m old BLRW, she's my favorite chick. I've been noticing that her crop looks big but when I feel it it feels like there is a small amount of grit at the bottom and the rest is soft and mushy, bloated feeling? I also noticed that when she is sitting still she will start to wriggle her neck from the bottom up, sorta like she is moving something around or either trying to throw-up. (I'm not sure that made any sense [​IMG]. She seems happy, active and is eating and drinking, but her crop never feels firm as if it is full of food. Don't know if it is relevant but when she was very small our dog tried to eat her, she was ok, but wouldn't put weight on her left leg for a week or so. That seems to be fully healed and she has been fine since. Could she have a puncture somewhere internally and have air trapped, or does her crop sound normal?

    Thanks. We are brand new w/ chicks so I need all the advice you can offer!

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