2nd Generation Olive Egger Cockerel - Free to good home

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    9 week old Olive Egger cockerel chicken looking for a new home. Hatched from an olive green egg. Vacinated for Mareks. 75% Black Copper Marans and 25% Blue Ameraucana.

    His father was a purebred Black Copper Marans (dark brown egg gene) and his mother was 50% purebred Blue Ameraucana (blue egg gene)/50% purebred Black Copper Marans. He has been handled by children and adults and is a polite boy. He was fed Purina medicated starter crumbles and is now eating Purina flock raiser plus whatever he forages. He free ranges our 1/3 acre yard for a large part of the day and is in the brooder at night. He just started crowing so we must find a new home for him ASAP.

    Pick up only, no shipping. We are willing to drive 30 min. within the Bay Area to deliver him to you or to meet you part way. We prefer that he not be used for food.



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