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    Hey everyone!
    I was wondering if someone could advise me.
    I am incubating with a still air little giant. This is my second time, first time was not that great but did manage to get 2 out of 6 chicks born. I think my heat was to low the first time 99.5. This time i am trying to bump temp to 101.5 for this still air method.
    So at the top of egg it reads 101.5 but i also put a therm. on egg turner at it reads 98. i understand that the top of the egg is warmer than the bottom.
    So i think i am correct with to low of temp. first time ( had only one hterm. last time).
    I think that on the 18th day the temp must have been really low last time when i took eggs out of turner and on to incubator floor.
    Is this a normal temp. drop range from top of egg to bottom?
    Any suggestions ?
    thanks Julie
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    Jul 24, 2010
    For the still air, it would be 101-102. You may want to add the PC fan with 5-9VDC next time round. It keep the temperature in the incubator more stable. You can get the fan and power supply really cheap at recycle or 2nd hand.
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    YES! i def. want a fan. thank you for your reply.

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