2wk-old chick still eating but lethargic with labored breathing

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    I have 5 chicks around 2 weeks old, 3 Egyptian Fayoumis and 2 silver-spangled Hamburgs. A few days ago, when I was checking them for pasty butt, one of the Fayoumis was fighting me (typical breed behavior), and she seemed to kinda get her wing caught behind my thumb at one point. I was worried she was injured, but then I saw her stretch out both wings really far, so I figured she was fine. Then I noticed she's started spending most of her time lying down even while the rest are still super active, and her breathing seems a little labored. She still eats and drinks, and she'll be active for short little bursts, but she's definitely not as active as the rest of the flock like she was before, and she seems a little unsteady on her feet. They are getting correct dosage of antibiotics and probiotics in their water. There's no pasty butt. This morning I saw her on the perch (previously I had only noticed one of the Hamburgs ever making it up there yet), so I'm inclined to believe her wing is okay, and there's something else bugging her. I don't know. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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