2wk old chicks.... I have three that "cheep" and one that "trills". *updated pics at 5wks*

Well, this little one cheeps, but a few times a day will do a trill... like a high pitched version of rolling your r's . Kind of hard to explain, but i'm trying to get a vid and this little chickie is camera shy LOL

It kinda sounds like someone has stepped on her tail. LOL
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Yeah, that's sort of what I was wondering. This one is always standing more upright than teh others, and has been going chest to chest in a posturing competition with our biggest chick. Didn't think teh pecking order started that early LOL
I have a chick that coo's. It does sound like a trilling sound. I was wondering the same thing, if that means a Roo. I have 18 chicks and I have no clue which one is doing it though.
That's almost exactly what it sounds like! (The only difference is that the one in the clip seems to have a two-note trill, whereas mine does a single note)
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Uh oh! I hope it's not!
We aren't allowed roo's.

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