2wk olds - how much sleep?


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Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
We just got our 7 new 2wk old chicks. These are our first chickens. How much rest to they need during the day? I have 5 kids who are VERY much in love with these new babies. Don't want to over stress or tire them.


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Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
my chicks are three weeks old today and that is something I never really gave a thought to. I did make a rule with my kids though. no running or shouting near the chicks and if they are awake they can go see them but if asleep they need to be left alone until they wake up. we got several other types of pets and the rule is the same for all of them. when they are awake they help me put in feed or with other animals they help by giving them nutritious treats. It works great this way!! My kids love the chicks to death. they could stare at them all day long!!
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Dec 28, 2009
Bellingham Wa
Careful... Kids can stress them. I let my GS hold them once a day, for 10ish mins., on the couch with a towel. But they get to watch them as much as they want. This is until I feel the chicks are stronger and then the time goes up slowly. Let them help with the chores. My guys even draw them pics, name them and find bugs... all part of the deal. They are involved but not holding them all the time. Don't forget... because the kids will... wash hands... I have them wash BEFORE and AFTER. You know little boys, cross contamination.

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