2x4 welded wire


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va
t the 2x4' 14 Gage..is that what I can use for my upper portion of my run


Lower, I just ordered 1/2 inch hardware cloth, 48 inches x 100 feet

I will need that regardless if I choose dog kennel or from scratch

Just wanted to know if the 2 x 4 welded would be fine for the above

It's less expensive then the hardware cloth

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That is what most of my silkie runs are made out of, except I don't cover the bottom half with chicken wire. If I have babies that I need to put in that run, I just use flytop netting or something like that to keep the babies in.
That is what mine is too! I don't have anything at the bottom of my layer girls pen, just the 2 x 4. My silkie pen is a dog kennel with hardware cloth on the bottom.
that should be fine. I got 48 " x 50 ' for $ 38.00 and they also sell 48 "x 100 for $72.00 at homedepot. I just got done putting 2 sides and also painted the wood frame and I'm done for today. It's so hard doing it by myself, if you can, get someone to help you out, you'll cut the time in half. Good luck and keep us posted on what you do
2x4 wire is what I have on my upper part of the run. It has kept out bobcats!
You will be fine with the 2x4. I did my entire run, roof, and coop vent windows with it. But either will work fine. On the post issue, Thats a matter of choice. I like posts and went with that. I used barbed wire U nails, and it was easy to put the wire to the wood posts for me. All the best, and lets see some pics!,LOL........

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