2yr old tom's beard cut short? Isolated feather damage as well

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  1. Sundogz

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    Apr 1, 2018
    Is it mites?
    For the past couple weeks my tom has been exhibiting tattered feathers on the left side of his breast and behind his neck (exclusively the left side) and I never thought much of it as I see certain hens pulling on his feathers every once in a while. Today, however, I was looking closer and realized that his beard is almost gone! He's 2, and had a nice 5-6 inch long beard going, which is now only 1.5 inches long at best. All the bristles look like they were trimmed short.

    I cannot see any of the bronze tinging that implies beard rot, but I can't fathom how else the beard would become cut off like this, nor how the isolated feather damage is occurring. Is there a chance it's mites? Or is physical trauma more likely? image1.jpeg image2.jpeg
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    @R2elk, what do you think ? I don't know if turkey hens are guilty of such behavior, but that sure looks like feather picking/plucking to me.
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    I agree.
  4. Sundogz

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    Apr 1, 2018
    Would this also cause the beard damage? This tom is the only one in the flock.

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