3 1/2 month old male chorkie is more hyper after neutering


7 Years
Sep 13, 2012
So i just got my 3 1/2 month old chorkie male puppy neuter 2 days ago and he seems more hyper than before and he was already what i thought hyper active. But after he came home he was a mellow fellow, but 2nd day and he is so hyper. I thought getting them neuter was supposed to make them calmer not the other way around, thus reducing his testosterone hormone. So anyone has a similar case either male or female after being spayed/neuter?

3 1/2 month 5lbs Chewy the terrible chewer(he is sleepy atm but when he awakes, there's no calming him down till he bounces around for 30 min or more)
Wow, that's young for a little one. Our vet waited till our Maltese was 6 months...said it helps contribute to good bone development in little dogs. He may be having a reaction to the anasthetic...it happens some times. If he doesn't settle down in a few days, I'd get back with the vet and ask.
I hope he calms down too. I had called the vet before hand and they said it was fine as long as he is 8 weeks or older and over 2 lbs. But they couldn't give him the rabies shot yet as he's not 4 months yet. i guess different vet have different policy and also differ in the states where you live as i'm from California.
It's his age. Young dogs are quite lively and into everything and chewing like demons up until they are about 1 year old.

It seems to be closer to 18 months for terriers before they settle down and develop some dignity. So, you have some months to go yet before your dog starts to behave like an adult. I suggest some obedience training to give the dog something to occupy his mind and energy.
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