3 1/2 week old chicks - how to introduce other foods...?

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    I have 41 three and a half week old layer chicks and they were on chick starter mash for one week then chick starter crumbles. I've read a lot on this forum about chicks going nuts for yogurt, fruits, bugs, and other supplemental foods but I've tried introducing them to some of those things and they just seem afraid of it and don't know what to do with it. I remove it from their brooder boxes to keep it from going bad just sitting there. How have others introduced treats and other foods to your baby chicks - and how young have they been when you've done that? Is 3 1/2 weeks too young to introduce foods other than the medicated crumbles they are eating?

    Thanks so much for whatever information you can provide. This has been quite a learning experience!
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    Since they do not have a hen to teach them you are now the new mother hen. You have to teach them everything from what they can eat to how to go to roost.

    Sprinkle some of their crumbles over the top of the yogurt. They will catch on. Use your finger to tap at the food like you are pecking.

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    I just started putting vegies etc. in their run they would eventually go over and pick at it. Usually if one bird starts picking at it the others don't want to miss out and will be over to investigate. Now when they see me with some things like lettuce and they love watermellon, they can hardly wait for me to put in down for them.
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