3+1 Light Sussex Hatching Eggs NPIP KY

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    This auction is for 3 + 1 Light Sussex Hatching chicken eggs! NPIP


    Laying light brown large eggs.

    Light sussex are large birds, much larger than the typical large breeds. Very calm docile birds. I can walk up to them and pet them. The calmest birds that I have ever owned.

    These chickens are considered duel purpose chickens. Good egg layers and also used as meat birds. We don't use any of our flock to eat, but some people due.
    Our rooster is big, he weighs over 12 lb, so if you looking for large birds, these are ideal. Very calm, docile birds.

    My flock originated from the same people that I started my French Black Copper Marans from.

    This is their second year laying, fertility has been checked, we do have chicks hatching from this flock.

    I do not ship out of the United States. I do not use bubble Wrap to wrap my eggs.

    Please feel free to ask questions
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    Jan 6, 2009
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    Light Sussex are as described above, I have a few hens and love them.

    They deserve to be more popular.

    In my personal opinion they are better overall chicken than Orps. Most thinks being equal they are better layers, never jump fences and are always looking fresh and clean, beautiful fluffy balls of pure white with handsome columbian collar neck pattern.

    I lost my LS roo so I am also looking for hatching eggs of this breed.

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